"is a coffee drink made with espresso and steam milk and micro foam. 

The term as used in English is a shortened from the Italian caffe latte or caffellatte which means milk coffee." 

A match made in heaven - a shot of espresso, freshly drawn from Oriberry's premium single-origin Arabica, 70% medium dark roast and 30% dark roast, paired with warm steamed milk, fresh from the lush green dairy region of Mộc Châu, in Son La province

An Oriberry latte will be completed with some clever latte art by one of our talented baristas!


  • CHAI

For something sweeter, a hint of caramel is added.

A dash of vanilla, the perfect flavour pairing for the smooth end-notes of Oriberry's Arabica variety.

A unique combination, but don't be turned off by the green latte art! A matcha replaces espresso with green tea.

A popular variation of the latte replacing the espresso with chai, a spiced tea inflused with flavours of cinnamon, star anise and nutmeg

Smooth and creamy, Cafe Breve is a rich variation of a latte using a warm steamed milk and cream blend