Farmers wish

This is Oriberry integrated and flexible program to respond to wider needs of coffee farmers working with us. The program aims at enabling convenience environment for coffee farmers in producing better coffee and having easier lives.

Wish 1. Can I borrow some money from you to pay my children school fees? 
Respond 1. Yes, for sure. If what you need is not exceed 30% of our total contract. 

One of our K'ho farmers in Lac duong district asked us via the phone while other asked if he could borrow some money to make new doors for his house. The farmers' basic needs are very different. Respond to their real needs at the right time is very important to help them overcome difficulties. 

Wish 2. Could I borrow some money from you to buy fertilizer for the coffee? 
Respond 2. No. But we will help you to solve that problem

This is more "advance" need of farmers and we need to be sure they will use right fertilizer with right technique. In every location we have our skillful farmers who know exactly what farmers should fertilize the soil. In responding to the need of the above farmer, we need to send our qualified farmers to come and help with calculating neccesary amount, defining type of fertilisers among those available locally, coaching the implementation.

Wish 3. Some poor families want to plant coffee but they can not buy seedlings, could you help? 
Respond 3. Yes, we could run a program called seedlings for the poor. 

Some farmers are really poor and they do not want to take risk with real money to plant coffee if it is new to them. We sell small coffee trees for decoration at our coffee shop in Hanoi to raise fund to give small trees to the poor. Each tree sold in Hanoi, fifty trees poor farmers could get in the field.

Wish 4. The soild in our upper garden is very poor, I have no plan to improve it. 
Respond 4. We could work with you in making organic fertiliser. 

In some locations farmers do not use cattle manure to fertilize their soil. They may receive some training courses on how to make compost but they have never had a chance to practice. Our respond is very simple. We ask them to prepare materials such as bamboo, cements to make cattle cages. We work with them in 1 or 2 days to guide them how to make organic fertilizer. 

Wish 5. I wish we have some specialists help us to find our problems of less productivity 
Respond 5. If 6 - 10 families have the same need, we could invite a specialist to visit you.   

When we work in Muong Ang district, some farmers told us that trees in their gardens turn yellow and productivity are very low incomparison with others. We took soil sample to test in Hanoi and in the next trip we invited a soil specialist to Muong Ang giving answer directly to the farmers. 

Wish 6. Winter comes, some children in poor families do not have enough of clothes
Respond 6. We may collect used clothes from Hanoi to bring here for them

Winter in the North mountain is very hard. Poor children are lack of clothes and books. We collect used clothes, books, shoes,... from our friends to bring for children up there in our trips. We may develop a program to receive donate clothes, books,.. from our customers as well as asking customers to help us bring to poor people in the North.