Training and Branding

Awareness building

When we launched the first Oriberry shop at the Old Quarter of Hanoi in 2009, pure roast coffee was not farmiliar with Vietnamese customers and it was not very easy to find a coffee shop using an Espresso machine. It was even more difficult as many Vietnamese people could not recognize the real taste of coffee. 

2011, we started participating some social networks for groups of people who interested in coffee. Through contributing information, articles to online activities or holding offline meetings groups that we involved had increased great in numbers and knowledge. A new trend of coffee consumption started. Now coffee shops with pure roast coffee and espresso machines are everywhere in big cities of Vietnam. Thousands people become roasters at home or for their businesses creating vast numbers of opportunities to farmers selling coffee beans. 

Barista training

In 2014 we organized eight five-day barista training courses, two of them were for street children. Our goal of training is to have more trained people who could work professionally in coffee industries or coffee services, who could then create more demands for coffee beans market locally. Recently, Oriberry has two training options:

  1. Five-day training course organised for group of 6 - 8 people at a time. 
  2. On the job training organised for individual

Branding with Oriberry 

The first part of Branding with Oriberry program is local branding, which focusing to promote the origin of coffee as a geographic indication for customers.

Oriberry develop local brand or produce single origin coffee when  local farmers and producers follow Oriberry code of conducts and their coffee achieve our quality requirements. Recently we have Khe sanh Arabica for Quang tri as local brand and single origin coffee for Arabica from Lam dong. Other provinces such as Dien bien and Son la have not reached our requirements so that we mix coffee from these locations with others to create first connection from farmers to our market.     

The second part of Branding with Oriberry is support to build up other cafe or coffee business brands. Similar to barista training, this aims at creating more demands for coffee beans suppliers. In Branding with Oriberry, we and our customers tailor the coffee to their specific needs. In the begining stage Oriberry also provide packaging services to the customers.